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When Your Establishment Serves Alcohlic Beverages To The Public:

   You ARE Legally Liable for possible Damage or DEATH to your Patrons and or Others! Though 
   you think the over-served Patron can 'Only Sue your Insurance Company', they CAN also Sue 
   you in Civil Court, letting the Jury decide if you and or your Employees should be held Liable!          

The Courts Now Rule:  

   "Owners of Establishments that Serve Alcohol MUST Provide Evidence 
   to the Courts, that they have taken ACTIVE STEPS to help prevent their 
   patrons from becoming overly intoxicated and possibly causing harm to 
   themselves and or others..."

Let Us Help You  Mitigate Any Alcohol Related Law Suits!  

   If you are called as a Defendant in an Alcohol related Lawsuit, we will present proof that you 
   provide your patrons voluntary accessibility, to our BAC Breathalyzer testing Machines. 
   Along with that, we provide a Calibration Log to display your Calibration Diligence!

Place the RESPONSIBILITY & LIABILITY onto the Shoulders of Your Drinking Patrons!

    Provide a VOLUNTARY Wall Mounted Alcohol Breathalyzer Machine, To Your Patrons. Give 
    them the Ability to test Their Blood Alcohol Levels BEFORE Getting Behind the Wheel of a CAR!

    LEASE:              Full Maintenance and Necessary Calibration INCLUDED! Just Call Us!

    VENDING:      In lots of 20 Machines, at the same location. We Maintain, Calibrate,
                                     Collect and Retain all Monies.

   PURCHASE:   In lots of 10 Customized Machines.We have Calibration, Maintenance & 
                                    Fuel-Cell Replacements Contracts available.        

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Our Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer Machines Also Gives Your Patron A Read-Out Of Their 'Alcohol Levels' with an Accuracy of 1/1000%. We Employ The Same Equipment the Police Departments Use, to Measure BAC Levels in most DUI Stops. 
An Additional Warning Panel Gives Your Patron an Idea How the Digital 'Read-Out' Might Effect Their Driving Skills. Our Machines are FDA Approved  to be used for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! 
  Two Fatalities Occured In This 
DUI Accident 
Two Fatalities Occured 
in This DUI Accident 
RU Safe 2 Drive, Inc. 
Let Us PROVE to YOU Our Breathalyzer Machine Will NOT LESSEN Your Bar Totals! 

          We Will Provide You a FREE MACHINE to Use On Your Busiest Night!
Three Fatalities occured in this DUI Accident! 
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